Pretty Fort

Two best friends with a mutual obsession of the Des Moines music scene.

Chase Schweitzer

Chase Schweitzer is a songwriter, computer boi, and Sony loyalist. His honest and occasionally optimistic songs have been endorsed by both Vans and Coca-Cola. Chase’s work ethic and thorough opinions on everything from Futurama to the branding of domestic beers has always inspired me. While I do think he occasionally denies the utter greatness of Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 2," I do think he will come around on it someday.
- Parker

Parker Reed

Parker Reed is a writer, musician, and Nintendo enthusiast. His colorful, insightful thoughts on music and more can be found in Des Moines Cityview and Consequence of Sound. I've always admired his endless passion and joyous energy, though I do find his Amiibo collection concerningly large. Maybe we'll have a talk about that someday.
- Chase

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